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Online Painting Classes: Only $15

What is "Brave and Intuitive" Painting?

This term comes from a book that artist Flora Bowley published called, Brave Intuitive Painting (2012). In this book she describes this painting technique as, "a heartfelt and unique perspective on the creative process..." which encourages artists to move through their fear and welcome joyful spontaneous expression. She describes this as, "a soulful and transformational approach to painting (and living) that celebrates intuition, connects body, mind and spirit and begs you to be brave!" In my class, I reference her techniques often and help novice artists practice the art of letting go.

Who Can Sign Up for a Class?

Anyone ages 15 and up!

Whether you have never painted a single thing in your life, you paint all the time, or you land somewhere in the middle... You are welcome in my class!

I'm passionate about creating an inclusive learning space for everyone, providing accessible services and documents, and uplifting everyone's creativity.

My classes are not designed with an intensity level meant only for professional artists.

My classes will meet you were you are at, possibly teach you a new thing or two, encourage you to do the uncomfortable, and show you that you really are an artist!

The term Artist isn’t reserved for someone who qualifies as “good enough” or for someone who sells their art… Everyone is an artist. You paint your life, each decision a brushstroke, every day a new color, and every obstacle a wet spot of paint you have to be patient enough to let dry.

Reasons to Sign Up for a Class

  1. You deserve some "me" time!

  2. It's only $15!

  3. You can join by yourself, or invite your friends who live far away to join you for a virtual "get together"!

  4. Get into your flow state, listen to some calming music, and practice creative decision making. The painting part? That's just a bonus ;)

  5. Practice letting go of our expectations, shame, and our definition of "good" art.

  6. Some have said this class created a healing effect, come see for yourself!

  7. Did you know? Attending 1 art even a month can increase your life expectancy by approximately 10 years. -This real life statistic is officially the best advertisement for my online painting classes! This stat is according to the research study “The art of life and death: 14 year follow-up analyses of associations between arts engagement and mortality in the English Longitudinal Study of Aging” published in 2019.

  8. Let's make art just for fun!

Find Your Flow State

I do love finding my flow state.

Here’s what I know about what I need to get there:

  • cell phone off / or Do Not Disturb mode

  • headphones in

  • a room without distractions

  • listening to something soothing

    • (this can be calm music or a Disney movie I’ve seen a thousand times… both work for me!)

  • special time set aside for this

That’s why I’ve designed my 2 Hour, Online Brave & Intuitive Painting Class. It allows you to set aside time for creativity! I encourage you to put in headphones and listen to the soothing curated playlist I’ve made and set aside your phone.

My class is designed to help you reach your creative flow state too.

What you actually paint matters a whole lot less than the act of harnessing your creativity.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the aftershocks this will create in your life. You’ll find yourself being more intentional, mindful, and bold. You’ll find yourself embracing the idea of letting go and doing more of what is working.

You Can Always Throw Your Canvas Away Afterwards

“It’s ok if you throw your painting away after class!“

This is a phrase I’ve said many times in my painting classes. I really love what Amanda Imes had to say about this in her blog after the Boreal Bliss Yoga Retreats:

"I love the idea of making art simply for the joy of making art. We can throw it away after completion. There is no need for perfection or an end-goal. Art doesn’t need to serve any purpose other than offering an outlet for our creative expression, an avenue to find our flow state."

The finished painting is not what this class is about, that’s just a bonus! This painting class is about using brave brushstrokes, moving through your emotions, taking chances, trying new things, trusting your intuition, and embracing the unplanned.

It’s only $15…. and it’s only 2 hours…

Whatcha got to lose?

When are these classes?

Once per month, usually Sunday afternoons.

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