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Paint, Sip, & Eat Cheese!

Calling all cheese lovers, crafty friends, farmers, dairy princesses, people who just like going to fun events, and everyone in between.

My friend, fellow dairy princess, fellow entrepreneur, fellow dairy farmer’s daughter and I are reuniting for a very fun event!

Both Christine and I grew up living and working on our family’s 6th generation dairy farms, and loved it! We met in 2014 when we competed together for the opportunity to become Princess Kay of the Milky Way. We were both finalists, and therefore received a 90 lb block of butter sculpted to our likeness! We are excited to collaborate in a wholly new way this Sunday!

Princess Kay of the Milky Way is a Rigorous Competition

The young women vying for this title must live or work on a dairy farm, be knowledgeable and passionate about the dairy community, and willing to serve their community as a representative of the Midwest Dairy Association.

I remember writing and reciting dozens of speeches, visiting several dairy farms throughout the state, meeting incredible people, and intense interview questions such as, “What is an essential nutrient, and how many are in one 8 oz. glass of milk?” and “Why is butter yellow?” and “what happens when cows die?”

My answers include:

An essential nutrient is a nutrient that we need to survive, but our body does not create it on its own so we must digest it. There are 13 essential nutrients in just one 8oz. glass of milk including calcium, protein, vitamin D, phosphorus, vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, niacin, zinc, selenium, iodine and potassium.

Butter is yellow because cows eat grass which contains Beta-carotene which has a yellow tint.

When our cows die, we mourn their death. Our cows are more than our pets, they are our livelihood and our family.

Each Dairy Princess represents Minnesota and our dairy farmers with pride and passion

And now, nearly 10 years later, we are reuniting in a completely new way!

The Grater Good


I’m Christine- a local dairy farmer with a passion for artisan cheese and sharing the story behind my food. Although I don’t make my own cheese (yet!) I work with experts who do. This means beautiful food from people who care - about the environment, animal welfare and making a darn good product. I take the time to learn the story and ensure the quality of every cheese, meat, and topping that I put in front of you. You may say I’m fighting for The Grater Good! I offer beautiful and delicious cheese and charcuterie boards made with locally sourced ingredients. With each board you get to learn about the hand selected cheeses and how to pair them for optimum tastiness. Want even more info? I host cheese classes where you'll learn about how cheese is made, what gives them their unique flavor and of course sampling some delectable cheeses!

Check out her website here:

Selcouth Artistry


I'm McCayla. I'm a travelling artist located in rural Minnesota. I grew up in SE Minnesota on my family's 6th generation dairy farm, and my gracious parents encouraged my inner artist from a very young age. So much so that their home is practically my own personal Art Gallery :)

I offer face painting services, custom and original acrylic canvas paintings, stickers and prints, and I teach painting classes! I'm willing to travel all over our great state, and even Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois on occasion.

I am passionate about creating an inclusive learning space for everyone, providing accessible services and documents, and uplifting everyone's creativity.

Check out my website here:

Join Us November 12 in Eden Prairie

Join us for an evening of drinks, charcuterie, education, cows, and art!

We are excited to combine our services to offer an extremely fun afternoon!

As the daughters of dairy farmers, we know that fall truly is the prettiest (and tastiest) time on the farm. Join these two former dairy princesses for a fun afternoon of painting and cheese tasting! McCayla will guide you through painting your very own Fall Farm Scene, and while the paint is drying between steps, Christine will guide you through Harvest themed cheese pairings from local farmers and cheese-makers.

Besides, when is the last time you were in the room with not only one, but TWO people who have been sculpted out of butter!

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