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In August 2022, McCayla Thoe married Jordan Groski at The Barns of Old Glory venue in St. Charles, MN. Due to the amount of time and energy spent planning their weding, McCayla didn't produce nearly as much this year, compared to other years.

January 2021, McCAyla officially registered Selcouth Artistry as a Minnesota Business! She continued teaching online painting classes frequently on weekends. In September 2021, McCayla Thoe became engaged to Jordan Groski.


In March 2020, McCayla was hired for a new job, put in her two weeks notice, and signed a lease on an apartment the same week that the United States instructed the nation to shelter in place. Unaware of just how much the Pandemic would change absolutely everything, in April, McCayla moved to St. Paul, MN and began working for the State of MN as a project consultant. As a way to connect from a distance, McCayla was on zoom calls with friends and family every week. After several months of the same old Zoom call, McCayla began suggesting that her family had a virtual paint night, and then offered the same to her friends. It was a hit! The word spread to a local 4-H Youth Educator, who was ecstatic to hire McCayla to lead a virtual painting class to her 4-H club. From then on, McCayla's weekends were booked with more online painting classes. McCayla learned that she quite enjoyed teaching online classes and made plans to continue teaching them, even after the pandemic.


In 2019, McCayla Thoe lived with her parents in Hayfield, MN. She used both their basement and their old horse barn as makeshift painting studios.