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Face Painting 

By McCayla Groski

Kudos to my sister who hired me for my first gig painting faces at my nephews birthday party back in 2018!

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Hire Me


Private Event

Hire me by the hour for your private event! This option allows for the guests at your event to get their faces painted for free. Typically, I can paint 4 - 6 faces per hour; depending on the size and detail of the design(s). 


Public Event

Invite me to your public event for a $50.00 flat rate, regardless of event length. This option requests that event guests pay per design (prices range from $5.00 - $15.00)


Free Consultation

For other types of events or requests, schedule a free consultation with me to discuss. 

I require each client sign a consent form acknowledging a statement of liability and information about allergies. On this consent form, the client or their parent/guardian have the option to opt in/out of having their photo taken for marketing purposes. 

*I have permission to use the photos used on this website and on my social media.*

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