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Hire Me To Teach a Painting Class

My Grandma loves to tell me, "I always knew you would be a teacher!" and I guess Grandma's know best, because I sure do love it!

I have been teaching in-person painting classes since 2018. Then, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, I started offering online painting classes too! I'm so glad that I found a way to flex my business strategy and vision to stay relevant during the Pandemic; I found new clients, learned new skills, and my business took off more than ever before. 

So, now I offer both in-person and online painting classes. You get to choose which option is best for you! Please review the canvas options below before booking, you will be asked which canvas option you would like to do. Select the options below to learn more and/or book your class!

PS - I also offer a special Bachelorette Painting Party that includes a raunchy (or not!) painting class, and your choice of extra fun add ons!! 

Scroll to the bottom to browse canvas options.

Canvas Options

Click on the images to see the full photo and details about the option. Details include: The length of time for the class and the level of difficulty. 

Intermediate - Advanced Options:

Easy - Intermediate Options:

Brave & Intuitive Painting Examples

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