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I Am A Dairy Farmer's Daughter

I grew up on my family’s dairy farm where I had the great fortune to have vegetables on my plate and a glass of milk with every meal fresh from our own fields and cattle. I watched my parents cherish of the land we lived on and the animals we owned; their love of their career and lifestyle was, and is, palpable. I have seen first hand how hard farmers work day in and day out, and believe me it is beyond impressive. I grew up with a deep appreciation of nature that pushes me to live sustainably and strive for a career which provides that same feeling of passion and satisfaction.

In my childhood there were toy tractors (of course they were always John Deere -If it’s GREEN let it be SEEN), Fashion Polly’s, mud puddles, arts and crafts, animals, and tea parties. My sisters and I all learned at a young age that we didn’t have to fit into gender norms to be accepted or to have a great time.

When I was a young girl, my two older sisters drove the tractors and milked the cows with my parents and grandparents while I watched my younger sister and made them all sandwiches. As I got older, I stepped into their roles, gained a strong work ethic, and rep’d some really great tan lines.

It is a life I wouldn’t trade for any other.

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