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Tranquility (2020)

20 hours | Acrylic | 16 x 24” Canvas

Painted for one of my best friends. This image of tranquility captures her favorite blanket, her favorite mug, and a full cup of coffee ready to be enjoyed.

A painting of an Adirondack chair adorned with a comfortable blanket, a steamy cup of coffee, surrounded by birch trees, and a rural background touched by a colorful sunrise.
Tranquility Painting

Her request: "Can you paint me a picture of a chair? Maybe an Adirondack chair?"

My response: "Absolutely!"

Then, we worked together to decide where the chair would be and decided that it should appear to be in a rural home's backyard.

This masterpiece unfolds a tapestry of tranquility and cherished rituals. I invite you to dive into the many layers of acrylic paint, feel the pulse of the elements, and let the colors narrate a story of serenity, friendship, and the subtle dance of existence.

My friend's favorite blanket cradles the comfort of a morning routine. Notice the intricate details of the woven blanket, a nice contrast to the simple sunrise horizon.

Notice the warm mug of coffee, steaming against the brisk morning air, capturing the groggy moments before the caffeinated elixir is consumed.

Birch trees stand tall and proud, a stark monochrome backdrop to the vivid symphony of colors that dance upon the canvas. The interplay of black and white against a kaleidoscope of hues paints a visual sonnet, a harmony of contrasts.

Take a closer look at the wood grain of the chair. Within those textured grooves lie a myriad of colors. Each stroke was a dance between capturing the stoic strength and the delicate display of its age and wisdom hidden within the layers.

Take a moment to appreciate the whisper of the wind within this landscape. The blanket's corner stirred, a gentle movement frozen in time. The steam rising from the coffee cup, a testament to the fleeting moments that make up our full lives.

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