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Garden Oasis (2022) by McCayla Groski

50 hours | Acrylic | 30x40” Canvas

This commissioned painting was a gift to a lovely family owned Garden Center and MN Wedding venue, Garten Marketplatz for their company's 25th anniversary. I was asked to bring this painting to life in the full springtime bloom. This detailed and layered painting has many sentimental trinkets, elements of movement, and life featured within it.

As a part of my artistic process I spend a great deal of time talking with my client before I begin, and throughout, their custom painting. I want to know who the gift is for, why the gift is important to them, what memories are behind this, what emotions, and what sentimental details do they want me to capture.

As I paint, I do my best to breathe life into these paintings through intention to those emotions, memories, and details. By the time I complete a painting like this one, it feels as if their memories are my mine too.

In this case... some of the memories really are my memories too!

Their family has been friends with my family for many years! We are neighbors, attend the same church, we've played sports together, and been in each other's weddings. My friends and I took our senior prom photos here, I've shopped from their gift store, I've attended baby showers here, my friend was married here, and we've bought our Christmas tree from here too.

I loved painting this canvas!

I spent hours mixing paint until I finally created the perfect shades of terracotta for the bricks, analyzing the landscape to make sure I got it just right! I did take a few artistic liberties, but I'm very fond of how realistic this painting turned out.

Here's what they had to say,

"I asked my amazingly talented friend, McCayla Groski to paint Garten Marketplatz as a surprise Christmas gift to my family. Garten Marketplatz has always been my favorite place. I could truly go on and on about how much it means to me, but I'll just say that I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY and in tears when I got the painting. THANK YOU McCayla for bringing my vision to life! Your attention to detail, color, and layers is absolutely amazing. I love watching you grow in your talented skills and I can't wait for people to see this painting in real life when they visit the shop!"
"McCayla painted a picture of our beloved family business. It’s beauty and her attention to detail brought us to tears. We absolutely love her work and couldn’t recommend her more highly. What a gem!"
"McCayla, you are amazing. The painting you did of Garten Marketplatz takes my breath away everytime I stop to admire it. You managed to capture with great attention to detail the beauty of this historic farmhouse. And I love how you captured the life that is ever present in the gardens. The painting is hanging for all to admire as they enter the carriage house. I will be forever grateful that you preserved this moment in time for us to cherish forever."

McCayla Groski holding her original painting, "Garden Oasis"
McCayla Groski holding her original painting, "Garden Oasis"

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