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What sets Selcouth Artistry apart?

One of my New Year's SMART goals was to determine "The problem I solve" with my art. I gained the idea to do this by listening to the Business Boutique Podcast. Christie says that if you can figure out "the problem you solve" then you can figure out who your target audience is and how to market to them. Sounded good to me! So, here we are. I create custom paintings for someone who is looking for the perfect gift. My art is for someone who doesn't want the typical wall decor you can find at a Super Center or on the shelf of any store really. My art is for someone who wants wall decor with a story behind it.

Problem: Someone needs/wants a personalized painting.

Solution: Selcouth Artistry

FOR EXAMPLE I painted my aunt a picture of her and her husband along with my grandparents four wheeling through the woods near a cabin. She sent me all of the photos from their vacation: photos of them on the fourwheelers, photos of the cabin, photos of the wildlife they saw, and I created a painting that embodied their vacation so they could remember it forever. The sad part about that painti

ng, is that my uncle passed away just over a week before Christmas. So he never received the painting that my aunt asked me to create.

Then I created SuperNova for a 7 year old girl with Leukemia. My coworker gave me photos of her so that I could paint a superhero that looked like her. I also used her favorite colors (pink and purple) in my painting and the color that represented her strand of cancer (gold).

I painted a memory of a young girl running down a gravel road with her dad driving a truck alongside her tracking her speed. I painted this from the many memories I have of my dad doing this for me to track how fast I could run. He did this for all of my 3 sisters as well. This painting was created for all of us, to cherish that memory.

SUP Girl

I also painted a young girl with curly hair atop a Stand Up Paddle Board from memories I have of my self and my sisters out paddle boarding around. We've been many places, but this particular painting was created to remember my time exploring The Bahamas with my family. As an outsider, you may not recognize the setting, but my family all does by the clear water and expansive ocean line.

THEREFORE My target audience is someone who is looking for a custom wall hanging, or a customized painting that is relevant to their life and their experiences.

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